Why do you need a cassette or a slide printer?

Release date:2017-11-16

Why do you need a cassette or slide printer??


Surgery specimens are the most important researching materials and the most valuable first-hand diagnostic materials.The procedure of surgery specimens that are sent to the pathology department and received without mistakes,well fixed and stored is a first important part to ensure good pathology section and correct diagnosis.


In traditional batch processing,technicians have to label manually hundreds of specimens and match them with hands.It will be able to manage when there is a small amount of specimens.But denial when it comes to a large amount.It will cause confusion,unattended samples,illegible, handwritten cassettes or slides,and thus making the complete workflow become complicated.


The Labsim slide/cassette printing solutions make work easy.

No more handwritten work for technicians, no more transference confusion, no more illegible handwritten cassettes or slides.

Save a lot of work and improve the work efficiency.

Identifier informatization provides good search and track function.

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